Understanding modern mice is sometimes very difficult. On one there are a dozen buttons, on the other there are two joysticks, and even some kind of lever here on the left.


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...Oops, it's broken. Sorry, is this a warranty case?

In my head after all this, there is only one thought: “Yes, I just need a good mouse! With normal and simple shape as well as human ergonomics. And an accurate sensor! Well, really, you want it to sit well in your hand, and it looks attractive outwardly ... Well, the software is very desirable, but how can you configure the mouse without it? " This is all very familiar.

Everything does not happen right away, but you can choose a mouse (for example, if you are looking for the best mouses for League of Legends) that, if you have certain goals, will satisfy most of your needs. In some ways, gaming mice are similar to each other - good build quality and materials; competent technical base, well-thought-out ergonomics and so on. However, eminent manufacturers have many worthy models in their arsenal, and all these mice cost a lot of money. Therefore, in this article I will talk about all the main aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing a gaming mouse.

The form

Form is the first thing to pay attention to. The more comfortable it is to hold the mouse, the more enjoyable it is to play and work at the computer. If the mouse fits comfortably in the hand, then everything else is not very important. And then neither the sensor, nor the materials, nor the build quality will decide. The shape of the mouse is a subjective factor, so it is impossible to choose a mouse based only on specifications and dry data. As well as on someone else's opinion. The ideal form simply does not exist - it is different for everyone. And following your preferences, you can choose to choose the mouse that will be closest to the cherished ideal.

According to the type of shape, mice are divided into two main types - ergonomic and symmetrical (also called "Ambidextrous"). The first mice can also be called asymmetric, since they are made taking into account the characteristics of only one hand (right or left). The latter have the same design on both the left and right sides, so they can be used by both right-handers and left-handers.

By size, mice can be divided into large, medium and small. Small mice are quite compact, and they are more convenient for working with a laptop than playing games. The best choice is a medium or large mouse, because it is more convenient to hold them with the whole hand. And then it all depends on your grip. If you like to put your palm entirely on the mouse, a larger mouse will be preferable; If you like a tenacious grip with your fingers, then a medium-sized mouse is quite suitable for your grip.