American Staffordshire Terriers embodied all the best that breeders wanted to see when they bred this amazing breed. They combine love and devotion to the owner, courage and unbridled strength, puppy playfulness and subtlety of nature, natural physical strength and light, graceful movements - all these incompatible features have turned the Amstaff into a legendary fighting dog.


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It must be remembered that the Staffordshire Terrier was bred to protect the family and protect property,

Сharacter and temperament

Reviews about the breed depend on who is talking about it: ardent critics claim that the Staffordshire Terrier is aggressive and vicious, and fans of this breed and numerous owners claim that the Amstaff is a reliable companion, a brave guard, a balanced and cheerful playmate with children. Cynologists argue that the behavior of this powerful dog directly depends on upbringing from a puppy's age, if improperly trained, the dog can grow up aggressive and dangerous to others.

Potential owners should remember that American Staffordshire Terriers are powerful by nature, they have strong guarding and fighting qualities. They will to the logical end protect the owner and family members, as well as the territory where they live, from the encroachments of strangers. Amstaff will show aggression towards strangers only in the event of a threat from them, the intuition of the breed is so developed that it seems that they can read minds. Amstaff can attack without a gentleman's warning - lightning fast and powerful, leaving no chance for the offender or the attacker. It will not be possible to stop the dog that has entered the battle, therefore, at an early age, correct social adaptation is needed, the puppy needs to be introduced to all family members and frequent guests, so that he understands that these are friends.

It must be remembered that the Staffordshire Terrier was bred to protect the family and protect property, with the right upbringing, he will be affectionate and obedient for all family members and an implacable fighter for enemies. Amstaff in a normal home environment becomes a cute creature, he loves to play with children and is ready to fulfill any order of the owner. The owner must have indisputable authority, only in this case it is possible to confidently control the pet's instincts given to him by nature; certain knowledge and skills are also needed.

Description of the breed

Naturally hardy fighters are distinguished by remarkable strength, courage and loyalty to the owner, Staffordshire Terrier puppy quickly become excellent companions and are friends with all family members, adore children.


Amstaffs are a large, well-muscled dog, but at the same time they stand out for their elegance, obedience and courage that are legendary.

In the early 70s of the last century, breed standards were officially adopted, where the tolerance is allowed for a solid color of any color, but the white tone should not exceed 80 percent of the whole body. Completely white color in the breed of American Staffordshire Terriers is allowed, but black and tan and liver-colored individuals are undesirable.

Life expectancy - how long do amstaffs live

On average, staffies live 10-12 years, but with proper maintenance, some representatives of this unique breed can become centenarians and live up to 15 years.


The coat of the American Staffordshire Terrier is short and harsh, it is not difficult to care for it, and the molt depends on the ambient temperature, the higher it is, the longer this process can last.

Is it suitable for a family

Despite their formidable appearance, Staffordshire Terrier adoption in the family can result in kind and friendly creature, they love to play with children and chase a thrown ball like playful puppies. But only experienced owners will be able to control this strong body and spirit of the dog, you need to have certain knowledge and indisputable authority in order to restrain the instincts of the amstaff.

Attitude towards children

With children, a brave watchman and invincible fighter is good-natured and welcoming, he can be a nanny, but you cannot leave alone, after all, this is a strong and well-developed dog, she can accidentally injure a child.

Relationship to other animals

Zoo-aggression or a clear dislike for other animals is present in all fighting and guard dogs, because they are predators by nature, but with proper training, innate habits may not appear or are quickly neutralized by the command of the owner. If a puppy grows up with other pets, then he considers them his pack and treats accordingly.


American Staffordshire Terriers are well adapted to living in urban conditions, their psyche is naturally balanced. Dogs calmly react to the human bustle around them.


The Staffordshire Terrier has a high learning ability, they quickly memorize commands, they can perform complex exercises almost on the first try. If the owner is respected by the pet, then he unquestioningly and quickly fulfills any commands.