Where did the "ballet socks" come from and why were they called that?


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Today ballet socks are actively used in women`s wardrobe

Now such shoes as "ballet socks" are very popular among women who do not like to wear heels. In our article we would like to tell you where this shoe came from and how the name appeared. Tha article was created in collaboration with ballet.

One of the legends says that in Europe at the end of the XVIII century, noble people wanted shoes without heels, then the fashion designers of that time pulled out a wooden cape from ballet pointe shoes and introduced the fashion for new shoes. Such shoes became very fashionable, because they had a number of advantages: they were graceful, sat exactly on the leg, did not harm the health of the legs.

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To fix ballet socks on the leg, designers of that time offered ribbons that wrapped around the leg and were fixed on the ankle. Fashionistas of that time tied ribbons in a large and beautiful bow.

The second of the legends tells that the fashion for ballet socks was introduced by Napoleon's first wife Josephine Beauharnais. In one of the paintings, Josephine was seen with her foot outstretched, on which there were shoes made of fabric with satin ribbons. Since the shoes visually resembled ballet pointe shoes, the name "ballet socks" came from this.

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But in 1957, classical ballet socks appeared in the fashion world, which exist to this day. A man named Salvatore Ferragamo created an Audrey suede model for the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, which later became very popular.

Today ballet socks are actively used in women's wardrobe, incredible models are being developed, designers are constantly coming up with a bright and unique design, decorative elements.

Some brands are actively introducing sports models, for example, Ecco or Puma offer their customers such shoes.