Cargo - tricycles are equipped with a solid frame. This design provides for the installation of a special basket on the stern for the transport of goods. The bike is suitable for summer trips, everyday trips to the store and other purposes that require the transport of goods. Motor power - 750-1000 watts.


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HIPER Engine B62 (2021)

Electric bike made in China, which is perfect for city trips. It is equipped not only with a trunk, but also with a basket, so you can easily go shopping on it. The engine power is 350W, which is enough to easily drive up the hill. The battery is not the most capacious, but even when the charge runs out, the move will be easy due to the seven-speed switch. The downside in this situation will be only a large weight of the bike. Also, the disadvantage is that it will not work much to accelerate. The maximum speed is only 25 km/h. However, for city driving this will be enough. See also for reference.


A powerful and reliable electric bike that costs less than $500. In terms of price-quality ratio, it is indeed one of the best in our rating, therefore it is very popular among lovers of physical activity. First, the motor power is 400W. The e-bike easily copes even with steep slopes. Secondly, it can accelerate to 40 km / h and is suitable for both the city and the country road. Safety is provided by reliable brakes. Thirdly, the model is quite light. Weight is only 17 kg. Of the minuses, they note the lack of depreciation and not the most capacious battery, the charge of which is enough for 35 km.

The history of Electric bicycle

In 1946, Benjamin Bowden, who was involved in the design of automobiles, presented a prototype of the "bicycle of the future" at a fair in London. In the spirit of the times, it was electrically driven.

This model was called Classic. Its device allowed to accumulate energy when driving on a slope and connect the drive for its use when driving uphill. The batteries were hidden inside a wide frame.

However, it was only a prototype and the UK did not provide any money for the project. In the 1950s, Bowden moved to Michigan. Here he managed to raise the necessary funds, but he still refused the electric drive.

To ensure the commercial success of his invention, Bowden kept the futuristic design and gave the project the "space" name Spacelander - this was in the spirit of the "space race" that was flaring up at that time.

The model turned out to be one of the most expensive on the US market and also impractical - the frame was fragile and quickly broke. As a result, production was stopped, and Bowden managed to sell only a few hundred Spacelanders.

Later, the release rights were bought out to re-release the legendary bike, but this has nothing to do with the history of electric bicycles.

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