Grilling is addictive, first of all, for two things: the process itself and the taste of what is obtained. A steak in a cast-iron skillet on a gas or electric stove will splash everything within a radius of 30-40 cm with its juice and fat.


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How to choose the Best gas grills under 500 in 2022?

Before moving on to specific models, let's talk about what aspects to take into account when choosing a gas grill.


Despite the fact that grilling is traditionally considered a purely male occupation, we are trying in every possible way to break this stereotype and stand up for beautiful ladies to cook on grills. And if on coal it may seem really difficult for the fair sex (although, for example, Kamado Joe has a powerful spring that allows you to lift the weighty dome of the grill with just your finger, and coal can be ignited with a special hairdryer without getting dirty), then cook on a gas grill no more difficult than on a home stove. And the pleasure from the process and what happens is much greater.

Drawing analogies with a home gas stove, you probably involuntarily beg the question: why do you need a gas grill at all, if you can cook on a gas stove or in an oven in the house? It is quite difficult to explain this in words, since they will not have such an impact as practice, but we will try.

Or chicken from a regular oven is a completely different chicken than crispy, juicy, roasted on a spit or on a stand with beer on the grill. There will be children in the kitchen, and even in the remote corners of an apartment or house, a not very pleasant smell will be felt. And it will be a different steak than grilled over a fire.

But, most importantly, cooking on the grill is exciting, it is addictive, because in addition to all the charms associated with the taste of food, the grill unites family and friends for communication. He pulls everyone out of the house to the street, pulls out of the bustle of the city outside the city, into the fresh air, where you can be distracted and have a very pleasant time with loved ones. It gives positive emotions. Usually the picture looks like this: something is being cooked on the grill, everyone around is crowding around, chatting happily, drinking something and eating delicacies freshly cooked on the best gas grills under 500.

What are the best gas grills under $500?

Unlike a charcoal grill, many people see a gas grill as more convenient to use precisely because of the absence of coal in the process. Usually, when people come to our store for a gas grill, a person clearly defines his position: “don’t even offer me coal, because I don’t want to mess with coal.” He just wants to light the burners, like on a gas stove, and in 20-25 minutes the grill grate will be ready to accept meat, vegetables or something else. This moment makes the gas grill especially attractive for busy people who have a busy work schedule. After a busy work week (and for those who live in the countryside all the time - a work day) you arrive, light the grill, go to change clothes, then quickly fry juicy steaks with vegetables and chat with your family at the table. This is the simplest scenario and highlights an important feature of the gas grill: because of the ease of handling and the minimum amount of time and effort involved in preheating and preparing to cook, it can be used for frequent cooking.

Someone chooses a gas grill, because he understands that he will be much more comfortable and more pleasant to communicate with him, because he likes his design, shape, design; I like the technological moments associated with the execution of certain elements of the grill.

A good gas grill can do a lot. Give it more time, for example, on the weekend, try to make several different interesting recipes: chicken or meat on a spit, ribs on a special stand, juicy salmon steaks on cedar planks, lamb leg, pizza, and you will understand what a wonderful machine it is! After purchasing a grill, we will email you a wide variety of recipes, many of which are worthy of the level of serious restaurants. They are very addictive in the process, because it will turn out juicy and tasty.