Which laptop should computer science students use? With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you.


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Our Apple MacBook Pro review

The Apple MacBook Pro is a great computer for computer science graduates. If you are looking for a computer with the fastest processor, then this computer might be for you.

The speaker quality is also very good and you will be able to hear your computer's audio clearly even in a noisy environment.

The only downside of this computer is that it does not have many ports. If you need to connect your computer to other devices, you might consider another laptop.


This laptop is equipped with an Apple M-series chip, which is an 8-core processor. And the computer also has a powerful 8-core GPU that will be able to handle any gaming or graphics design tasks you might need it for.

RAM and storage

This computer comes with 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and 512 GB of storage space. This is plenty of space for computer science graduates who need to store large files.

You will be able to work on multiple applications simultaneously without your computer crashing or slowing down.

Display and build quality

This computer has a 15.60" display, which means it is perfect if you want something portable but still have enough screen space so that nothing is cut off or distorted.

The build quality of this computer is excellent and feels very sturdy in your hands.

Keyboard and touchpad

The computer is equipped with a full-size keyboard and an excellent touchpad. The backlit keys on the computer will help you see your keys in low light.

The computer's multi-touch enabled trackpad is very responsive, so you can easily navigate through any programme or file you have open.

Ports and connectivity

This laptop has two USB Type A ports for charging other devices, quickly transferring data from one device to another or connecting external monitors.

It also has a single Thunderbolt port that allows users to connect their computers to high-speed peripherals such as hard drives and printers.

This computer does not have an Ethernet port, but it does have Bluetooth capability, so you will be able to easily connect to other devices without hassle.

Battery life and weight

The battery life on this computer is up to 10 hours, which means you'll be able to work on long projects without having to worry about running out of power, and the computer weighs only 4 lbs, making it perfect for campus transportation.


Overall, the Apple MacBook Pro is an excellent computer for computer science graduates. It comes with everything you need to complete your courses, including a powerful processor and plenty of storage space.

The computer also has a very sleek design and is very light, so it is easy to transport from class to class. We highly recommend this computer to any computer science graduate!

Computer Science (CS)

From the scientific point of view, the main contribution of Computer Science can be considered the development of computational operations, complex information systems and algorithms that now have both practical application and are used in other, related fields of science. From a practical, applied point of view, the undoubted achievement is the development of computing devices and data transmission networks linking them. This has completely changed our society, bringing about radical changes in all areas of life, from the high technology we use to the way we communicate with each other.

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