Editing grammar essays seems like a boring activity to many students. In addition, when you reread the same essay over and over again, you hardly notice any grammatical or stylistic errors in it. Our experience, however, shows that if you approach the question systematically, you will get a much better result. Therefore, here is a step-by-step guide to help you edit your text more effectively.


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It is no secret that many students prefer not to do the editing work themselves, turning to various firms that offer to help them with this task. You can find out more about the terms of service of one of these firms in the essay editor service category.

Guidelines for checking essay grammar

Reconciliation with requirements

There have been times when, even after a few proofreading sessions, students have found that they have missed an entire section. But the worst thing is that this can happen a couple of hours before the essay is due.

That's why in the first stage of editing, it's important to go back to the assignment itself and reread it carefully. This will help you to check whether the structure and form of the submission meet the original requirements.

For example, imagine that your teacher wants you to cover 3 interrelated topics in one essay. It turns out that if you disclose 2 or 4, you will violate the terms of the assignment. As a result, your work may either not be accepted at all or you may receive a low grade.

That is why it is so important to follow each point in the assignment, and if you notice something is missing, correct it beforehand.

Check the basic idea

When editing for the first time, it is advisable not to focus on minor errors such as typos or missing commas. Instead, focus on whether the main point of the essay is clear, and whether the choice of vocabulary is consistent with it. Remember the more logical the narrative, the better chances you have of getting your message across in its original form.

Be sure to check whether the text has a problem statement, whether the structure is logical, and whether the conclusions are properly drawn. The latter should be more than just a summary of the text: in addition to summarizing, you should show what exactly the information is useful for the reader.

Particular attention should be paid to the thesis statement as one of the most important elements of the essay. As a reminder, a thesis statement is 1-2 sentences at the end of the first paragraph that covers the topic of the essay and shows your attitude towards it.

Working through the main content of the text

At this stage, deal with the main content of the text: examples, quotations, key phrases, and sentences on the topic. In most cases, when we review the essays after some time, we find that we can give more interesting examples, more accurate quotations, etc.

Our advice to you: don't be lazy and don't settle for small things just because the smallest things are already in the text, and new things will have to be added. It is perfectly normal to rewrite the text several times, to change something, to delete something. If you have the same quotations, examples, or interesting ideas that you have collected beforehand, then editing the finished text will not be difficult at all.

Re-edit the thesis and structure

Before proceeding with minor corrections, check the thesis and structure again after you have changed them. Try to look at the text through the eyes of the reader and see if the main idea is clear, if the argumentation "catches" you, if the flow of thought is logical, etc. Answer all of the above positively? Then feel free to move on to the next step. If not, it is advisable to correct the points that confused you.

Work on style

Each sentence should be read easily, without stuttering. The more complex the syntax, the more likely it is that the main idea will get lost in the form. The same goes for overly complex terms and words. You should not use synonyms or professional vocabulary that only a narrow circle of readers can understand. Try reading the text aloud. It usually helps to spot points that are difficult to understand.

Following the above tips will help you check the grammar of your essay yourself. At the same time, if you are short of time, you can turn to professionals who will do it quickly and qualitatively.