The French Bulldog requires brushing once a week with a soft brush. Their ears need to be cleaned two or three times a week, but remember that this part of the body is very sensitive. After sleep, the eyes are usually cleaned daily, a dog is bought two or three times a week or more often if he sleeps in the same bed with you.


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French bulldog characteristics


This breed is artificially bred, animals are prone to many diseases. They are transmitted genetically, so when choosing a puppy, you need to be interested in the health of the parents.


Only purebred animals are allowed for breeding. They are ready for the appearance of offspring late: boys only by 2 years, girls a little earlier. Like shown here french bulldog puppys, usually artificial insemination is used. During childbirth, complications often occur, so a caesarean section is done.

Puppies are sold 2-2.5 months after birth. By this time, all vaccinations have already been made and breastfeeding has been stopped. When buying, you need to pay attention so that he is healthy, cheerful and playful. It is recommended to study photos, reviews about breeders. You need to feed a puppy up to 3 months 5 times a day, at 4-7 months - 4 times, then up to a year - 3 times.

Inexperienced dog owners and those who have just got a puppy often do not know what to do in simple situations. Most problems can be solved without a doctor.

Can I give bones to a French Bulldog?

Ordinary bones are not recommended. Representatives of this breed quickly wear down their teeth. Broken bones can injure the intestines or cause constipation.

Why does my pet snore and grunt?

This is due to the peculiarities of the anatomy of the "French". Due to the unusual structure of the nose and jaws, the dog can make different sounds when breathing.