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Online software script allows you to make live bets and betting online

Compared to the offline activities of betting shops and lotteries, the betting business via the Internet does not require the organisation of physical betting shops, the work of hired operators, the lease of premises and gives a large and 24/7 passive income with minimal costs, and the website can be hosted on a verified foreign hosting site. Foreign betting shops are not subject to jurisdiction. If you want to open a betting company or betting on the Internet, the best and most reliable solution would be to make a betting site on the Joomla engine using our software for online betting.

So, how does the betting shop script work?

How the betting software works

Online betting software script allows you to make live bets and betting online, crediting winnings based on the results of matches and games on the personal account in the user's cabinet. Users get an opportunity to play, bet and earn on bookmaker bets by buying and selling their predictions from their personal account. The bookmaker's admin panel is a processing centre, which allows flexible management of betting acceptance, betting system odds, viewing statistics and user list, making promotions and no deposit bonuses upon registration. An additional plus of the betting software is the possibility to use many plug-ins of the most popular payment systems, from bank cards to QIWI and Paypal terminals, increasing the availability of your betting site to a wide variety of users from all over Europe and the world, and betting can be done in rubles as well as in other currencies at rates you set, including the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Withdrawing money from user accounts is organised in the most accessible and convenient way for players. The rules system, search, scanner and calculator of bookmaker's wagers, mobile application or affiliate program can be updated according to your wishes - see Betting Sites in India for instance.

The system of electronic betting allows users registered as analysts of betting shops to buy and sell betting forecasts and bets on sports, football, Champions League, tennis, hockey, basketball, Eurovision, poker, horse racing, the Olympics and any other events and draws, using various betting strategies and tactics, promotion of betting accounts, view betting tables.

Betting exchange component COM_BET for Joomla

The basic idea of the script works sports betting exchange is that users who have paid a subscription, ie have the right to publish publish forecasts can sell paid sports forecasts. Correspondingly, other users will be able to buy those forecasts. You may limit forecasts sale by one user - site administrator.

When you sell forecasts you will get a part of money to the account of the user - the forecast author, where it is frozen. Other part of money from the cost of forecasts goes to the administration of the site.

Paid forecasts can be placed in different categories. For each category you specify both the percentage the author receives and if there is a refund option in the category.

The forecast has the following fields:

  • Title - you can see it before the purchase.
  • Description - you can see it after the purchase, it's the forecast itself.
  • The forecast category.
  • Ratio - is the odds the prediction is made at.
  • Pot Pot - is the percentage of the bank you want to put into the forecast bet.
  • The start time of the event.
  • Price.
  • Author.

Besides, it is possible to add some more fields to your predictions (also in the form of lists). For example, it can be: your sport, type of bet, which office gives odds, etc.

Paid forecasts have statuses: successful, not successful and cancelled. This status is set for events by the administrator. If your forecast is successful the money from selling the forecasts that were frozen in the Seller's account is automatically "unfrozen" and you can withdraw them.

For some categories of paid forecasts you can set so that if the forecast is unsuccessful you do not get your money back. For other categories the money frozen at the seller is returned to the user after deduction of system's commission. The commissions are also set within categories.

If a forecast is rejected, all the money is returned to the buyer.

The list of forecasts can be shown as a module on website pages or as a tab in your personal cabinet.

The forecasts for the past events can be viewed as a separate Statistics.

There is a system of rating of the sellers of paid forecasts if there is more than one. It takes into account their performance, the odds, the percentage of the bank and, finally, the profitability as the sum of all bets won, taking into account their percentage of the bank.