Don't forget that during the promotion of Instagram, your profile must be updated with new posts and storis. No time? Create content months in advance


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Instagram promotion techniques

Engaging your audience

The good old "Like it like a brother" or "Repost plz" hasn't gone away and is still one of the easiest ways to boost an asset. After all, there's nothing wrong with asking your audience for help when you have a sagging asset. Just in case, I'll leave you with a catchphrase that works like a charm: "Support me by liking me if...." ;)

Commenting on bloggers

Find those bloggers who have your target audience, turn on post notifications so you can respond quickly and have time to check in during the active time of the post. Read it and write your opinion on the topic. You can also buy {with} - it is a good option to start with.

Lifehack: Use subtle humor in your comments, it always goes over well with your audience. In addition to the post itself, comment on other users' opinions to draw more attention to yourself.

Direct messaging

To target your audience's attention to your post, you can use a direct mailing list. The content of the messages can be different: ask people to like your post or describe your offer. Mailing can be done both manually and with the help of services. We wrote about all this in detail in this article.

Just don't get too carried away with such mailing lists. First, you might alienate your users, and second, you risk getting banned if you don't observe the limits. It's allowed to send 70 newsletters per day for subscribers and 50 newsletters for users who are not subscribed to you.


Try to hold a contest among your subscribers. Raffle a gift and indicate the likes as conditions for participation. This is a good way to raise the engagement among your subscribers and attract new ones.


Giveaways are competitions from Influencers, in which it is necessary to subscribe to the page and all the sponsors of the giveaway in order to participate in the prize draw. Subscription is a prerequisite for the drawing. This is how sponsors gain a new audience, but after the drawing:

  • users unsubscribe because their interest is in the prize, not the sponsor's page;
  • Instagram algorithms see a large number of unsubscribes and reduce profile coverage;
  • it is difficult to save such an account.
  • Even during the gif, the recruited audience is ballast. Prized users are not engaged in the content. For the algorithms of "Instagram" - this is a sign of irrelevant content.

Bots and comments

Instead of live subscribers, you get fake accounts - bots that create visibility, but in fact "sink" the account. For algorithms, the more subscribers, the more engagement there must be. If the followers are bots, there is no activity from them. "Instagram sees an uninteresting account and does not show it not only in recommendations, but also to subscribers. Also, the social network fights bots and suspicious activity, and bans accounts that engage in scamming.