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At 14, Paige was invited to a school party. VanZant was tempted by the proposal, as it offered a chance to make friends and change her reputation. At the party, the compliant girl was drugged and abused. She was in no condition to stop it and the situation left her with a deep trauma.

She couldn't tell her parents about the incident because she was afraid of their reaction. Word spread fast at school that she had volunteered to be in contact with several young men at once, and the bullying intensified. The anxiety almost drove Paige to suicide.

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The situation that happened to her forced Paige to look at the world differently. She found an outlet in sports. Martial arts helped her realize herself, overcome her fears and complexes, and regained faith in herself and her strength. At the insistence of her father, a UFC fan and former wrestler, she began to attend training sessions. Her first training session took place in 2009. Paige gained the ability to defend herself, while her classmates were quietly carrying knives and firearms to school.

The girl combined her cooking college studies with training and 3 years later she won her first professional fight. Eleven fights followed, seven of which Paige won. The debut bout was a meeting with Jordan Nicole Gaza. The fight was won by a decision of the judges, as was the case with the contest with Amber Stotzenberger in the same year.

In 2013's bout with Tisha Torres, victory went to her opponent, while Paige snatched the triumph from Courtney Hymes by sub-match. The 2014 meeting between Vanzant and Kailyn Curran took place. A technical knockout decided the fate of the contest in Paige's favour.